Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, this promising futuristic technology, is finally here. Wireless VR is a fascinating way to put you somewhere else through the power of technology. Once putting the VR goggles on your head, you are transformed to a realistic and immersive simulation environment.

You find yourself in a whole new world, but you are still tethered, hooked, cabled, wired, to the PC or game console that generates all this great environment for your goggles.

Amimon’s technology solves just this problem. Providing high-definition wireless video at zero latency, Amimon’s technology unhook you from the cables, allowing you to fully engage in the virtual surrounding for complete immersive experience

XR Wireless Modules

Wireless modules for building high-quality VR/AR solutions

Comprised of a wireless video transmitter module and a wireless video receiver module, Using the AMN2130/2230 chipset, Amimon offers an untethered VR/AR solution.

This pair of wireless modules allows vendors to easily integrate them into a complete add-on product, offering their customers a real wireless VR experience, making it truly immersive by cutting the cord connecting between the user’s goggle and the video source.


Covering 50 meters range (150 feet), without the need for line-of-sight, and co-existing of eight systems, this is the perfect solution for location-based VR/AR applications. Whether it is a PC VR or a gaming console connected to goggles, Amimon wireless link provides a robust solution, unhindered by body movements or obstacles, while providing UHD quality with no latency.

AMN 2130/2230

Supporting 4K30, 3K60, 2K90 or 1080p120 resolutions

Amimon continues to bring innovation to the market with its third generation baseband chipset for the VR/AR applications.

The AMN2130 baseband transmitter and its counterpart the AMN2230 baseband receiver bring new capabilities to the wireless world. With its ability to process and send 300 million pixels per second, with still less than 1mS latency, it proves again Amimon’s technological superiority in transmitting video.

This chipset supports 2K resolution at 90 frame-per-second (2160X1200@90Hz) as required by the commercial VR systems currently on the market (Oculus & Vive) and opens the opportunity for VR goggle manufacturers to design a completely mobile wireless goggle with a clear roadmap for future versions.

Consumer Electornic (CE) Virtual-Reality

No doubt that virtual reality is the new hot topic in consumer electronic. The promise to create a complete new world for us is finally here. the user can actually start touching his dreams. Anyone that desires can now afford purchasing a high-quality VR goggles and cross to the other side. High-quality content availability is growing rapidly, with more initiatives and cooperation announced everyday.

Virtual Reality Arcades – Location Based VR

Recent consumer grade VR offerings allow virtual reality gaming arcades to gain high consumer traction.

HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, and Sony VR headset finally offer affordable, high-quality VR headsets, combined with great new variety of games. The affordability of arcade ‘rental’ business model, together with the ability to invest in well structured environment and the latest content proved to be a success within wide audience across the world.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) blends between virtual reality and real life. AR users see and interact with a mix of virtual contents and real world.

Like in Virtual Reality case, being able to provide high-quality AR requires extensive computing resources, being done by PC, laptop or a gaming console, and like in VR the main obstacle today in providing this immersive experience is the cable connecting the headset / goggles to the computing source.

while lagging behind VR in its wide market adoption, it is expected that AR will capture a growing market acceptance and will soon surpass VR, as of its ability to serve multiple consumer and commercial markets.