AMIMON Products


AMIMON develops and manufactures a wide range of wireless video solutions.

All of our solutions provide zero latency (less than 1 mSec) and extremely robust links.

Our products differ according to the market and application they serve, having different video interfacerange capabilities and enclosure level.

CONNEX EmbeddedCONNEX Embedded offers unmanned system manufacturers and industrial application developers the possibility to easily integrate …1000m, 150m, 3000m, 300m,, Module
StudioLink WL1000Enclosed reference design transmitter and receiver modules for professional video receiver, up to 1000 meters1000m, 150m, 300m, 50m3G-SDI, HDMIModule, Reference Design
StudioLink E150S RXProfessional receiver module for up to 150 meters, with 3G-SDI Interface150m,
AMN 2120/2220Second generation full HD (1080p60) wireless chipset (Tx & Rx)1000m, 150m, 3000m, 300m,
AMN 2130/2230Third generation chipset (Tx & Rx) supporting 4K30 / 3K60 / 2K90 / 1080p1201000m, 150m, 300m, 50mHDMI,
VRLink E50Evaluation module supporting 4K30, 3K60, 2K90 or
ViewLink E50Reference design for installation market, Using HDMI 1.3, support up to 1080p60 including 3D, Reference Design
StudioLink WL300Enclosed reference design transmitter and receiver modules for professional video receiver, up to 300 meters150m, 300m, 50m3G-SDI,, Reference Design
StudioLink WL 150Enclosed reference design of Tx & Rx modules for Cinematography Monitoring.150m, 50m3G-SDI, Design
CONNEXWireless robust video link for UAV, supporting up to 1080p60. Support SBUS & Mavlink1000m, 150m, 300m,
CONNEX MiniSmaller Tx & Rx units for UAV video link. Up to 1080p60. Up to 500 …150m, 300m,
CONNEX FusionSmaller CONNEX receiver, allowing the use of CONNEX mini transmitter with extended 1000 meters range. …1000m, 150m, 300m,
CONNEX LRUncompromised Robustness with 1080p60 resolution for extended range, up to 3000 meters1000m, 150m, 3000m, 300m,
ProSightZero latency 720p HD FPV Camera and Video Link for superior FPV experience.150m, 300m,
FalcoreThe only full HD racing drone designed for novice pilot with a shield mode for beginners150m, 300m,
StudioLink E300R RXVideo receiver module with RGB connectivity150m, 300m,
StudioLink E300SH RXHDMI & SDI integrated video receiver module150m, 300m, 50m3G-SDI,
StudioLink E300S TXSDI integrated transmitter module150m, 300m,