HD wireless for custom installation

All installations are unique, but also confront a common challenge: wiring the video source to the display, or to multiple displays. The headache of HD wiring in an existing or new facility is known to any professional installer.
AMIMON’s technology overcomes this challenge by wirelessly transmitting full HD audio-video signal from any source to multiple displays. There is no need for expensive wiring installation.

Amimon’s solutions provide high video quality, together with zero delay, and retain these qualities in line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight situations, as well as with moving objects between the video source and the HDTV.

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View Link Embedded

The View Link is a complete stand-alone plug & play wireless solutions for the custom installation market. It provides Full HD, 1080P 60Hz video with zero latency for ranges up to  50m (150ft.).

Supporting multicast mode, it can transmit simultaneously to 4 receivers
without any quality degradation, while keeping zero latency transmission.

View Link is delivered as a plug-and-play PCB-ready for embedding in any chassis or device.


  • No need for expensive wiring installation
  • Supports any video resolution defined in the HDMI1.3 standard including 1080p@60Hz and 3D formats
  • The wireless video/audio signals are encrypted using RSA and AES algorithms and comply with HDCP1.3 & HDCP 2 requirements
  • Full HDMI Video Interface on transmitter & receiver

View Link White Label

viewlink ProAV wireless video transmitter

View Link white label provides OEMs and brands with the opportunity to receive a complete product kit in a box, with their own brand on the product and the box.
Providing the same great wireless video qualities of the embedded view link, together with a complete kit of accessories, and high-quality production, View Link white label is a great quick time-to-market approach.

Range 45m (150ft)
Delay Less than 1mS
Video Resolution 1080p/50, 1080p/60, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97p, 1080/23.98p, ,720/59.94p, 720/50p, 525i/59.94, 625i/50, 1080/24p
Transmission mode Point to multi-point transmission (up to 4 monitors simultaneously)
Non-DFS Frequencies EU Channels – 5.19 ~ 5.23 GHz,
US Channels – 5.19 ~ 5.23 GHz and 5.755~5.795 GHz
DFS Frequencies 5.27 ~ 5.55 and 5.67 GHz
Bandwidth 40MHz
Environment Operational: 0-40° C, 10%~90% humidity
Storage: -10-75° C, 10%~90% humidity
Product Regulations CE, FCC, MIC, RoHS, ESD +2Kv
Bi directional Data transfer No



Module Tx Rx
Video Interface HDMI HDMI
Data Interfaces IR, USB IR, USB
Power 5V DC Jack 5V via USB
Module Dimensions 90mm X 60mm 84mm X 54mm
Antenna Internal Internal



Home Theater

Whether offered with the purchase of a new home theater product or for custom home installations, AMIMON’s wireless HD video products present the designer and system integrator with the most flexible solutions. It’s easy to satisfy the customer’s choice of where to place the display or projector without the constraint of being near the video source, avoiding the issues of cables altogether. AMIMON’s solutions support the transfer of remote control signals, CEC and other necessary functions, thereby offering a true alternative to cabling.

Enterprise & Educational

For retrofit installations of any scale, involving single or multiple display devices, screens and projectors, AMIMON’s wireless video solutions are a natural choice. Support for real-time HD video links enables the use of a camera, computer or player transmitting live video to multiple screens. Elimination of cabling represents huge savings in time, installation cost, and maintenance. When a quick installation is involved, the wireless solution is the fastest, most efficient way to build an AV setup involving video sources and remotely located screens.

Examples of  use cases:

  • Conference rooms, classrooms, auditorium, Karaoke rooms – wireless connection of PC/NB of lecturer or performer to the projector or to the large TV/screen
  • Smart Home – connect any HD video source to the TV/projector even with no-line-of-sight