Next generation surgery

Transmitting live video of surgery or other medical procedures is becoming the standard. AMIMON provides the wireless link between the camera and the monitors inside or outside the operating room. We provide a robust, zero-latency HD wireless solution that guarantees the quality and stability of this vital link. Doctors in tens of thousands of operating rooms around the world depend on AMIMON Pro to safely conduct live endoscopy procedures. AMIMON Pro is certified FDA and CE approved.

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UHD Wireless Solution 

CONNEX offers HD and UHD wireless video links between the OR camera and displays with zero-latency (1 millisecond) and high-quality vital video links.  Doctors in tens of thousands of operating rooms around the world depend on CONNEX to safely conduct live endoscopy and camera monitoring procedures. CONNEX solutions are FDA certified, and CE approved.

Main Features:

  • FHD video (1080p), including 3D formats
  • UHD video (4K30 or 4K60)
  • HDR support (10 bit per color)
  • Less than one millisecond of latency (HDMI into HDMI out)
  • HD Audio (over I2S and SPDI/F)
  • In-room and Multi-room coverage
  • Low power modes for portable (battery operated) device integration
  • Multiple wireless links in the same OR, enabled by extended 5GHz bandwidth support (including DFS)

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AMN 2120/2220

First Full-HD Wireless Solution 

The AMN 2120/2220 transmitter and receiver chipsets are the second generation of AMIMON’s baseband wireless video modem. The chipsets allow full HD support of 1080p and 3D A/V formats.

This chipset provides ultra high-quality images, allowing the required robustness for FDA approved medical devices in the OR.

Main features:

• Full HD video (1080p), including 3D formats
• Support HD Audio with up to four I2S signals and SPDIF audio
• Multi-room coverage
• Low power consumption modes for portable devices
• Extended 5GHz bandwidth including  support for Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) capability – allowing multiple links in the same room
• Latency of less than 1 millisecond
• Hollywood approved HDCP 2.0 copy protection
• Color depth of up to 30 bit

Please Note: The AMN2120/2220 chipsets are sold as part of Amimon’s RF board solutions only.


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AMN 2130/2230

4K resolution with Zero latency

Amimon continues to bring innovation to the market with it’s all new 3rd generation baseband chipset.

Amimon currently develops solutions based on this new chipset to the medical industry and other markets.

AMN2130 baseband transmitter and its counterpart the AMN2230 baseband receiver brings new capabilities to the wireless world. The ability to process and send 296 million pixels a second, in less than 1mS latency,  proves Amimon’s technological superiority in sending video. This chipset creates new opportunities for a new generation of wireless endoscopy products.


Please Note: The AMN2130/2230 chipsets are sold as part of Amimon’s RF board solutions only.


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Wireless Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a miracle. Minimal invasive surgical procedures are practiced frequently to avoid invasive surgeries, thus reducing the risk of infection and substantially shortening the recovery period. Using an endoscope (a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it), enables the doctor to view the area on an HDTV  monitor while operating. Making the endoscope wireless saves the necessity of sanitizing the cables going to the multiple screens around the room, thus removing the risk of tripping over the wires. Finally, and most importantly, it provides the opportunity to free the doctor from having to handle the heavy cables connected to the endoscope, so he can focus on the patient’s needs.

In-Light Camera

In-light cameras in operating rooms are becoming a common practice and are even part of regulations in some states. They are being used for live viewing by doctors and students in remote locations or recording to archive for future viewing.

Amimon’s wireless video technology enable flexible installation of the cameras in the most demanding locations without the need to worry about cables installation, sanitizing or limiting other instrument mobility.



Stryker’s  wireless Solution

Using wireless technology backed by the consumer market, Stryker’s WiSe Platform provides the surgeon and staff increased freedom in the OR over wired solutions. This is done by wirelessly transmitting the endoscope camera image to up to three WiSe HDTV surgical displays, receivers, or any combination of the two—all through one transmitter.

By eliminating the DVI cable previously needed to connect the camera to the monitors, clutter is significantly reduced in the OR while providing image transmission via a secured wireless connection with no perceptible image loss or delay. With the WiSe Platform, hospitals can easily integrate an OR with wireless HD video overnight. The WiSe HDTV surgical display is available in a 19” or 26” monitor size.