the Race



FPV racing is an exciting and thrilling extreme sport. Powerful mini quads racing in tight courses with pilots virtually sitting inside the drones using First Person View cameras and goggles.

But so far this sport was in reach only for professionals. Those who are willing to invest weeks and months of practice with many drones destroyed along the way to reach the super skills required to race.

Falcore is here to change that.

The Falcore is an FPV racing drone designed from ground up to help expose drone racing to everyone. It allows novice pilots to fly and race right out of the box, and with a switch of a button turn the Falcore into an aggressive, ultra-fast, ultra-durable racing drone.


Gaming in real life, start to fly from the first moment.

Tough and Fast racer

Falcore’s carbon fiber tubular frame protects all electronics components, providing crash resistant strength. Flexible motor arm joints can dislocate momentarily at high power impacts to protect drone from damage.



Anyone can race

Falcore’s world first SHIELD mode allows anyone to race from day one. SHIELD mode uses sonar and barometer sensors to automatically maintain flight altitude, and coordinates turning to allow flying using a single stick of the remote.



Ready to Race

Race straight out the box.  Falcore ready-to-fly package includes a Falcore Drone with built in Prosight HD video link and a Falcore Remote Control with mounted video receiver. Included in the package also an easy release battery, chargers, spare propellers and even a special tool for easy prop replacement and basic maintenance.  HDMI goggles not included.

  • Stop & Land button automatically grants pros and beginners with a soft landing.
  • Detachable prop-guards are available as accessories for indoor racing or extra prop protection.
  • Motors arms can be quickly removed for easy packing Falcore in a small backpack – no tools required.
  • Compatible with several existing standard XT60 4s batteries
  • F3 based flight control, compatible with Cleanflight Configurator.
  • Factory tuned locked-in PID setup and super sharp ACRO mode.