FPV racing is an exciting and thrilling extreme sport. Powerful mini quads racing on courses with pilots virtually sitting inside the drones using First Person View cameras and goggles.


All of the Falcore units have been sold out,  we are out of inventory, and cannot supply new orders.

At this time, no plans for another production run, thus no more units will be manufactured.

The Falcore platform has demonstrated the best of AMIMON’s technology:

  • Incorporating the CONNEX ProSight zero latency HD video link into our own high-end, 80MPH FPV platform
  • Introducing our own SHIELD mode capability, allowing many new comers to enjoy the thrill of FPV flying out-of-the-box
  • Creating a superior, slick-looking, carbon chassis body capable to withstand extreme crashes and go back flying immediately

We continue to support all our great customers! Should you have any support issues, kindly address our support portal.

The Falcore package includes everything a novice pilot requires:

  • Fully assembled racing drone
  • Specially designed remote controller with selectable flight modes
  • Dedicated LiPo battery for quick release


The novice pilot starts with “Shield Mode”. This is the “beginners” flight mode, allowing the pilot to set and fix the drone’s altitude between 0 and 3 feet off the ground. In addition, “Shield mode” allows the pilot to control the Falcore using a single stick. This setting is achieved using a sonar sensor located on the bottom of the drone.

Once the new pilot has learned to enjoy the thrill the pilot can advance by switching the flight mode to “Horizon” or “Acro” and start flying in professional pilot modes. In these settings, the pilot can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and enjoy the full performance and capabilities of the drone.

falcore what is in the Box


  • Stop & Land button automatically grants pros and beginners with a soft landing.
  • Detachable prop-guards are available as accessories for indoor racing or extra prop protection.
  • Motors arms can be quickly removed for easy packing Falcore in a small backpack – no tools required.
  • Compatible with several existing standard XT60 4s batteries
  • F3 based flight control, compatible with Cleanflight Configurator.
  • Factory tuned locked-in PID setup and super sharp ACRO mode.
Item Details
Drone body material Carbon fiber body, PA6 & fiberglass joints, Flex-Arms/O-Rings
Diagonal size 255 mm
Prop size 5”
Weight (w/o battery) 500 gr
LiPo Battery 4S, 1400mAh / C75
Flight time 5-8 minutes
Max speed 80 mph
ProSight Camera 720×1280 pixels, 30 / 60 fps
ProSight Video link HD, zero latency, utilizing 5.1 to 5.8 GHz. 10MHz BW
Falcore RC Unit 6 channel iBus, over 2.4GHz
Flight modes Shield mode (Beginners), Horizon / Acro (Advanced)
‘Stop & Land’ function Airspeed reduction and smooth auto landing (no GPS)