A new era in FPV

FPV is the sport of flying with a fast agile drone while wearing VR goggles or looking at a screen to feel as if you are in the pilot’s seat.
CONNEX  Zero Delay technology is the natural enabler to take the flying experience to the next level. Both the new highly designed Falcore racing drone and the ProSight video link bring to FPV racing the ultimate digital   HD quality for the first time.

The Connex ProSight HD Vision Pack is a true game changer. It delivers unparalleled vision performance with delay-free wireless transmission.        Its superior image quality combined with simple installation, smooth configuration, and improved multi-pilot flying experience.






Taking the FPV experience to the 21st century and introducing a new era in the FPV racing e-sport

with the first digital video link.

ProSight is the new standard in FPV Racing, an all-digital, delay-free, HD video solution.

CONNEX Falcore


CONNEX Falcore is a new experience in FPV racing giving the pilot the ability to race a fully integrated high powered drone like a pro from the first flight.


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FPV Racing

It’s all about the experience!

FPV Racing is the use of fast agile drones to race or perform freestyle aerobatics as a hobby or in order to competitively race with other drones.

Until today FPV racing drone could not use digital video links due to the added delay in the compression of digital video.  ProSight Changed that, now FPV can be experienced on a whole different level, with digital delay free and HD quality. FPV users are now able to enjoy FPV as it should be experienced, a vivid experience from the eye of the Drone.

FPV for operational purpose

In most UGV and UAV platforms the main function of the FPV Camera is to be used as a Pilot Cam.

The Connex ProSight allows the system controller to get a high-quality link to operate the system with HD video and zero latency allowing perfect sync in controls if it is a wheeled camera rig or a bomb disposal robot.

“The reason we mounted the ProSight to the Freefly Tero was to allow the driver to have a FPV while the camera/gimbal operator was performing difficult movements. This sort of setup would be great for filming golf where the landscape is uneven and tricky to navigate.”

Joshua pepp from John Barry

FPV for AP pilot cam

In most popular RTF systems for aerial photography on the market, there is a need for a secondary Pilot camera, the ProSight is an easy fit on most platforms and works as the perfect high quality delay free solution that allows the users to experience HD piloting for most Crafts.

Anyone can race!

Connex Falcore is the first ready to Race Drone that allows any user to fly FPV from the first Battery, the Connex Falcore is an easy way to enter and experience FPV racing for beginners and experienced pilots alike.