Connex mini is taking the unique wireless capabilities of the connex and packing them in half the size, with a range of 500M the connex mini brings a multi platform solution that can move rapidly from camera to camera and between platforms while being next to weightless and providing clear 1080P60FPS video

CONNEX Mini is used mostly when the user needs the ability to use the wireless link on a variety of platforms. mini-connex-photo-29
From heavy lifter Drone platforms to handheld gimbals and even helmet cams, instead of using big and cumbersome wireless solutions the CONNEX Mini is providing a small sized small weight solution that the camera operator can use in every scenario for Air to Ground and Ground to Ground situations.

Key Features
  • True full HD 1080P at 60fps
  • Up to 1500ft/500m range (LoS)
  • Zero latency, real-time video
  • Extremely resilient 5GHz, encrypted link
  • Automatic & Manual frequency selection
  • Built-in OSD view (CANBUS & MAVLink Telemetry)
  • Gimbal control over Futaba™ S.Bus & PPM
  • Multicast up to four ground receivers
  • Android & Windows based management App
  • Aerial video production and cinematography
  • Industrial and commercial inspection
  • Heavy Machinery vision and control
  • Surveillance and security
  • Real estate assessment and supervision
  • Search and rescue
  • First responder situation evaluation
  • Crowd control
  • UAV and FPV enthusiast recreation
  • Multi platform use


CONNEX employs Amimon’s revolutionary HD video technology, widely regarded as the industry standard for wireless video in the broadcast and cinematography market. More details on the User Guide

Feature CONNEX Mini
Transmission distance (Outdoor) Up to 1,600 ft/500m (LoS)
Transmission delay Zero (Less than 1 msec.)
Radio frequency 5.1-5.8 GHz
Channel 40 MHz
Channel selection Automatic frequency selection (AFS)
Video formats 1080p/60, 1080p/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/24, 720p/60, 720p/50, 525i/60, 625i/50
Multicast mode Up to 4 receivers with no delay or quality degradation. (Requiring extra ground unit/s)
OSD support CANBUS & MAVLink Telemetry based
Gimbal control SBUS & PPM
Encryption AES-128 & RSA 1024 for key exchange
Operating temperature 0-45° Celsius
Regulation CE, FCC, MIC
Mobile App [new] Windows, Android


Feature Air Unit Ground Unit
Video interface Micro HDMI HDMI (Type A)
Antenna connectors SMA (x2) R/P SMA (x3) R/P
Power connector 4-pins DC jack
Power input 8-26V (3S-6S) 8-26V (2S-6S)
Power Consumption 12v, 390-410mA 12V, 330-390mA
Dimensions (mm) 65.5×44.7×14.9 100x71x17
Weight 60 grams 140 grams


PC tool:

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Mac Tool

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