CONNEX LR brings broadcast quality and uncompromised robustness to the professional UAV and UGV  for all video transmitting professional platforms.

CONNEX LR enables increased range of up to 10,000 ft (3km) offering a new set of professional uses.

Specifically designed to meet all video transmitting professional platforms applications, CONNEX LR and CONNEX FUSION delivers stable, high definition video transmission. Carefully designed, with a friendly user interface and reliable robust link.



Connex LR allows the UAV/UGV operator a crystal clear HD video link with zero delay with an extended range never reached before.

The Connex LR receiver can be used with both Connex or Connex mini transmitters.

 Up to 10,000ft 3Km Directional: Horizontal 60⁰ / Vertical 20⁰

Omni-directional: up to 1200ft 400m coverage 360⁰

Key Features
  • Integrated Receiver & Optimized Directional Antenna
  • Up to 3Km directional Range & Up to 400m multi-directional
  • Resolution 1080p60
  • Compatible with both CONNEX and CONNEX Mini transmitter
  • Zero latency, real-time video
  • Extremely resilient 5GHz. digital link with AFS
  • Encrypted and secured
  • Built-in OSD view (CANBUS & MAVLink Telemetry)
  • Multicast up to four ground receivers
  • Plug-and-Fly, out of the box setup and operation
  • Aerial video production and cinematography
  • Industrial and commercial inspection
  • Surveillance and security
  • Real estate assessment and supervision
  • Search and rescue
  • First responder situation evaluation
  • Crowd control
  • UAV enthusiast recreation
Criteria Specification
Distance (Outdoor) Up to 10,000ft./3km (LOS)
Transmission Delay Zero (Less than 1mS)
Radio Frequency 5.1-5.8 GHz
Channel Selection Automatic frequency selection (AFS)
Video Formats 1080p60
Multicast Mode Up to 4 receivers with no delay or quality degradation
OSD Support MAVLINK Telemetry Based
Encryption AES-128 & RSA 1024 for key exchange
Operating Temperature 0-45 Celsius
Regulations CE, FCC, MIC, Japan Industrial A2G


Criteria Receiver
Video Interface HDMI (Type A)
Antenna Connectors SMA (x1)
Power Input 8-26V
Dimensions 200 x 200 x 50 mm
Weight 660 gr


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