StudioLink 300

Robust, outdoor wireless HD link for all broadcast events.

When quick-setup, robustness, synchronization, and maneuverability are critical, the StudioLink 300 wirelessly connects multiple cameras to monitors, projectors, and OB trucks.

StudioLink is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor film production wireless monitoring.

The unique patented engine enables Zero latency which eliminates lip-sync up to 300m/1000ft. range, bi-directional communication supporting all the critical camera control functions.

The StudioLink 300 product line includes the two systems:

  • StudioLink E300 which includes the receiver and transmitter board to be embedded into the final product.
  • StudioLinkWL300 our full product offering.


StudioLink E300


The StudioLink E300 is an embedded solution for customers who wish to embed AMIMON’s Tx and Rx cards into their own enclosures.

The StudioLink E300S Tx is the transmitter module, with an SDI input.

The StudioLink E300SH Rx is the receiver module, with both SDI and HDMI outputs.

The StudioLink E300R Rx is an alternative receiver module, having an RGB interface for customers who wish to develop their own interface board.

StudioLink E300S Transmitter

StudioLink E300SH Receiver

 StudioLink 300R Receiver


StudioLink WL300

A fully enclosed solution, embedding both the StudioLink E300 transmitter and the StudioLink E300 receiver modules.

Specially designed to fit the professional film and TV market needs the StudioLink WL300  provides the ultimate wireless solutions for 1080p 60fps SDI video with zero delay


StudioLink WL300S TX


Studio Link WL300SH RX


  • Optimized for real-time on-set applications
  • Indoor and outdoor setups
  • Robust link with zero latency through all resolutions
  • 2dBi external antennas increase link robustness
  • Highly optimized for live events and broadcast applications
  • Optional Bi-directional data transfer for CCU and other applications


  • Outside broadcast applications
  • Studio applications
  • Digital electronic news gathering
  • Reality shows
  • Entertainment
  • Live events
  • Nature documentary

*A Studio Link 300 product will only link to another Studio link 300 product.

The StudioLink 300 has the following product characteristics:

Video formats and frame rate:


Other characteristics:



The StudioLink 300 product offers a plug-and-play PCB-ready for embedding in any chassis or device. HW and SW design references are available. Products are targeted to the OEM market, and available in samples or as final products.