Amimon Is Expanding Its Wireless Technology with New Products at NAB Conference This Week

Amimon will be releasing its new CONNEX Fusion addition to the highly successful UAV/UGV product line at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) as well as showcasing its CONNEX embedded wireless video solution in the new xDynamics Evolve drone. Amimon is also proud to annouce that ARRI, the global supplier for motion pictures, will present Alexa SXT W camera platform, that is embedding Amimon’s wireless video solution.


Las Vegas, Nevada – April 2017AMIMON, the creators of wireless HD video technology that provides HD video with zero latency, is bringing new wireless video solution to NAB show in Las Vegas this week (booth number C2952), the world’s largest convention for convergence media, entertainment and technology. Amimon will present for the first time its new CONNEX Fusion receiver product, which enables connectivity to both the full-size robust CONNEX transmitter and the agile CONNEXmini transmitter.


Amimon has recently partnered with ARRI to embed its wireless HD video technology in Alexa SXT W camera platform. This new platform will now include Amimon’s latest wireless solution.  Alexa SXT W wireless camera will deliver great benefits to production crew with its smaller and lighter wireless embedded solution, integrating for the first time wireless video in the highest quality camera. ARRI plans to ship a set of receiver accessories with its Alexa SXT W.


The introduction of Alexa SXT W wireless camera continues the trend of embedding Amimon’s technology into equipment used in the production workflow of movie and TV making. It powers products made by top OEMs, including a newly introduced aerial photography drone by xDynamics Evolve, with a unique two screen ground station, which incorporates the CONNEX embedded solution to provide excellent HD wireless connectivity.


“ARRI Alexa SXT W wireless camera, the new CONNEX Fusion, and xDynamics Camera Drone shows again, Amimon’s technology strength, and the acceptance as the solution of choice for wireless monitoring for the camera industry,” says Uri Kanonich, VP Marketing of Amimon. “We are committed to continue to develop future generation solutions that serve our customers and the industry needs.”

Amimon is working to deliver the next generation of UHD high-quality 4K wireless video based on the company’s new generation chipset, that will be demonstrated at NAB.


About Amimon

Wireless HD video connectivity is creating a revolution in content creation and consumption. Amimon, a market leader in zero latency wireless HD video, has invented exclusive technology to harness the power of mobile cameras and fixed video sources,to bring HD content to remote display screens or distribution switches. Amimon’s systems utilize its core technology to deliver convenience and flexibility to create, transmit and view content on remote devices with the highest image quality. Amimon is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Raanana Israel; Tokyo, Japan; and Taipei, Taiwan.