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Who We Are

Amimon is part of Videndum plc, a public company traded on London stock exchange (VID). We are part of Videndum's Creative Solution Division, together with our affiliated companies: TERADEK, SmallHD, LightStream and Wooden Camera

Amimon develops unique technologies for delivering sub-frame  latency wireless UHD video solutions. We are designing variety of advanced products targeting the Medical, Industrial, Cinema and Live Production markets.
Our products for the Medical market are sold under the TERADEK FALCO brand, and our products for the industrial market are sold under the TERADEK CONNEX brand.

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And the Oscar goes to... us. 

We changed the way the movie & TV industries work, and we got the Academy award (Oscar) and the Emmy award for these great achievements.

We continue developing exciting new technologies & product to revolutionize other markets.

Read more about our awards on Digital Cinema Report (English), and on Ynet (Hebrew). 

Unique Technology

AMIMON is a developer and provider of Integrated Circuit (IC) as well as complete solutions for the rapidly growing wireless High-Definition audio-video market. AMIMON’s baseband and RF ICs allow the assembly of complete high-quality, ultra-low latency and robust solutions for multiple devices and applications.

Amimon’s Video Modem solution utilizes both MIMO and OFDM technologies, combined with Joint Source Channel Coding (JSCC) capability to transmit High Definition video resolution over a bandwidth of 40MHz or 20MHz. In fact, our 3rd generation baseband ICs allow for the delivery of 4K wireless video in amazing quality, while still keeping the zero latency (<1mS) capabilities.

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Our unique technologies & products serve multiple markets. Together at Creative Solution we lead these markets with innovative solutions


Together with TERADEK we bring best-in-class solutions to the Cinema Production market.
Find out more on TERADEK website.


The need to wirelessly connect video sources to display monitors is becoming more of the standard to improve clinical workflow efficiency and patient outcomes. This can be attributed to the advancements in wireless technology to deliver high fidelity ultra-low latency video over a secure and reliable link.
Find out more on TERADEK FALCO medical solutions at

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Ongoing Construction Project


The Industrial world is changing by adding advanced video solutions to Heavy Machinery deployed in construction sites, mines and agriculture areas. Today's video solutions empower onsite safety, greater productivity, and increase in output.
Find out more on TERADEK CONNEX industrial solutions at

Live Streaming

Teradek is the leader in live streaming technology. Learn what our Cloud can do for you. Remote is the new normal. Teradek Core Cloud is your solution for fleet management.

Find out more on TERADEK website.

Join Us

We have the heart of an innovative start-up within the body of a prestige public company, and we combine the best of both worlds. 
A full list of our current openings can be found here.

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