Our Products

Amimon develops and manufactures a wide range of Wireless video solutions.

Please choose the range you are looking for with the selected interface you need.

For further information about any type of product, you are most welcome to browse through our website.


StudioLink E100S RXProfessional video link for outdoor long range usedUp to 1000m3GSDIwww.amimon.com/broadcast-production-market/sky-link-family/
AMN 2120/2220Full HD wireless chipset various video resolutionUp to 50mRGBwww.amimon.com/medial-market/
AMN 2130/22304K wireless chipset supports 2K resolution at 90 frame-per-second (2160X1200@90Hz)Up to 50mHDMIwww.amimon.com/virtual-reality-market/
VR Link E504K30 1080p120Up to 50mHDMIwireless VR 4K donglewww.amimon.com/virtual-reality-market/
ViewLink E501080p60 wirless video module.Supports any video resolution defined in the HDMI1.3 including 3D formatsUp to 50mHDMIwww.amimon.com/proav/
StudioLink WL300 RXWhite Label transmitter ready for HD transmission between 480i60  to 1080p60 resolution,Up to 300m3GSDIwww.amimon.com/broadcast-production-market/live-link-family/
StudioLink WL 150SDI to SDI or HDMI to HDMI wireless link with zero delay, supporting varied resolutions, …Up to 150m3GSDI, HDMIwww.amimon.com/broadcast-production-market/studio-link-family/
ConnexRobust Wireless Video link for UAV 1080p60
Connex MiniSmall size video link 1080p60 ideal for aerial shooting or industrial inspection  Up to 500m3GSDIwww.amimon.com/connex-uav-market/connex-mini/
Connex FusionEnabling flexibility between size of RX and performance1080p60 resolutionUp to 1000mHDMIwww.amimon.com/connex-uav-market/connex-fusion-reciever/
ProSightFor a superior FPV experience 720p60 HD resolution with zero delayUp to 500mHDMIwww.amimon.com/fpv-market/prosight-product-page-2/
FalcoreThe only full HD racing drone designed for novice pilot with a shield mode for beginnersUp to 500mHDMIwww.amimon.com/fpv-market/falcore-product-page1/
StudioLink E300R RXModule with RGB connectivity to enable extension on demandUp to 300mRGBwww.amimon.com/?page_id=2924&preview=true
StudioLink E300SH RXAn alternative receiver module, having an RGB interface for customers who wish to develop their …Up to 300m3GSDI, HDMIwww.amimon.com/?page_id=2924&preview=true
StudioLink E300S TXtransmitter module, with an SDI inputUp to 300m3GSDIwww.amimon.com/?page_id=2924&preview=true
StudioLink E150SSDI to SDI or HDMI to HDMI wireless link , supporting various resolutions, from 480i60 …Up to 150m3GSDI, HDMIwww.amimon.com/broadcast-production-market/studio-link-family/