A new era in FPV


FPV is the sport of flying with a fast agile drone while wearing VR goggles or looking at a screen to feel as if you are in the pilot’s seat.
CONNEX  Zero Delay technology is the natural enabler to take the flying experience to the next level. Both the new highly designed
Falcore racing drone and the ProSight video link bring to FPV racing the ultimate digital   HD quality for the first time.





Taking the FPV experience to the 21st century and introducing a new era  for the hobby with the first digital video link for FPV racing
ProSight allows more pilots to fly at the same time with perfect HD video.

CONNEX Falcore


CONNEX Falcore is a new experience in FPV racing giving the pilot the ability to race a fully integrated high powered drone like a pro from the first flight.


Currently available only in the US

It’s all about the experience!falcore04a

CONNEX technology is used in a variety of applications.We created the FPV product lines to bring the most advanced technology to the FPV hobby.

CONNEX technology allows:

  • The best picture in FPV racing
  • Robust wireless link
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Making the sport accessible
  • Delay-free video allowing  the best control of your drone