CONNEX Wireless solution


The CONNEX family of products brings forth an unparalleled level of picture quality and link robustness. CONNEX technology can be integrated into a complete platform as a video solution when quality and performance are required and as a solution for any platform that requires zero delay link for best control and visual inspection missions.  With full HD video quality and zero-latency transmission, CONNEX and CONNEX Mini are the perfect solutions for broadcast, inspection, aerial photography, crowd control, and a myriad of applications that require control of the camera and drone in real time


HD wireless link designed for the professional drone market

CONNEX is a breakthrough transmission solution that makes it easy for professional drone users to outfit any shape and size drone with long-range zero-latency full-HD video transmission capabilities.

CONNEX provides the operator with maximum flexibility via two-way control and on-screen display telemetry.







Connex LR

CONNEX LR brings broadcast quality and uncompromised robustness to the professional UAV and UGV  for all video transmitting professional platforms.

CONNEX LR enables increased range of up to 10,000 ft (3km) offering a new set of professional uses. Specifically designed to meet all video transmitting professional platforms applications, CONNEX LR and CONNEX FUSION delivers stable, high definition video transmission.

Carefully designed, with a friendly user interface and reliable robust link.







Connex Fusion 


Versatile HD wireless link with enhanced capabilities

Connex Fusion enables the user to choose between different requirements, the size and flexibility of the Connex Mini transmitter, or the improved multisystem capabilities of the Connex transmitter.

Now the choice is in the hand of the user to fit the needs of the specific user requirements to the right transmitter.

Connex Fusion is sold as a receiver only unit and can be purchased with any Connex Family transmitter







Small size link for multi-platform use

When size and weight matters, CONNEX mini offers small form-factor air unit with 1080p60  downlink.

The Connex mini supports CONNEX zero-delay and robust link characteristics making it optimal for professional aerial monitoring and control applications.

Whether it is aerial shooting or industrial inspection, the mini will support your application with solid HD downlink.






CONNEX Embedded

Ready-for-Integration modular solution

The CONNEX Embedded modules allow OEMs to take the unique capabilities of the Connex and embed the wireless solution within their UAV or other platforms, integrating unique zero-delay wireless solutions to make advanced UAV products.




Quality Wireless video Solution

With full HD video quality and zero-latency transmission, CONNEX and CONNEX mini are the perfect solutions for broadcast, inspection, aerial photography, crowd control, and myriad applications that require control of the camera and drone in real time.

Search & Rescue

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly taking the place of humans in tasks which are deemed too dangerous, too tedious or too inefficient for strictly human labor. This is true for some of our most critical emergency response tasks, especially Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.

Wind turbine inspection

Inspecting wind turbines is challenging and often dangerous. Inspection is also time-consuming when done manually. Both the speed and quality of inspections have improved using unmanned multi-copters (drone) inspection devices, equipped with HD video cameras. These Drones’ are mounted with cameras using Amimon’s technology for high-end, high-performance wireless HD connection.

Aerial shooting

The aerial photography industry was one of the first markets to embrace advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology and was one of the first to understand the potential of its capabilities. Directors of everything from commercial photo shoots to feature-length films are turning to drones to capture agile shots from complicated angles, with approaches not possible with human-piloted helicopters or cranes.


Firefighting is a dangerous job which is currently being made safer with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Drones, equipped with AMIMON’s high-end, high-performance Wireless HD connection CONNEX, are mitigating those risks by providing increased scouting and preparation for firefighters, as well as some tools all their own.

Utilities Inspection

With UAV use for power line inspection, problems are found more quickly, saving valuable circuit outage time. Drones cover areas difficult for humans to reach, and with real-time HD video, deliver quality information on those areas. Operators can send their teams to only the damaged areas, which saves time on repairs. Minimizing the site visits required by technicians and reducing risks for personnel.

Law Enforcement

The usage of UAV drone equipped with video capabilities has increased rapidly in the security industry. Police forces around the world are discovering the advantages of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in their daily tasks, creating a revolution in the way police forces operate.

CONNEX, HLS Wireless HD system enables an accurate, high definition portrayal of an overall scene, or zooming in on particular details. A remote view of the scene has become an initial tool in most operational tasks.

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