Wireless solution for every video production


Amimon offers embedded and white label broadcast solutions for professional filmmaking and high-end productions.
Our Zero Delay technology enables the perfect shot in film production with the highest value.

Amimon solutions were created for indoor, studios, urban or outdoor locations. Our line of products brings to the cinematography industry a cable-free environment enabling fast changes on the set saving time and money.  The director, producer can simultaneously monitor the shooting of each scene with Zero Delay HD quality wireless connectivity.

We are proud to be part of today’s movie industry.

Studio Link


Studio Link enables real-time HD wireless transmission from all cameras to all crew members.

Studio Link allows the director to have total synchronized control of the set, offering freedom from cables, saving time, money and enabling total flexibility of the production.
The Studio Link product line is specifically designed to operate in a studio environment, featuring HD wireless with multiple platform support, zero delay and a range of 150m/500ft.

The Studio Link product line includes two systems:
Studio and Studio Plus.

Live Link  


Live Link is a robust wireless HD connection for both indoor and outdoor live productions and events.

When fast deployment, connecting multiple cameras and OB vans are required, Live Link allows free movement of cameras throughout the entire location. Live Link enables broadcasting in a crowded noisy RF environment.

Live Link features zero-delay and up to 300m/1000ft. range eliminating lip-sync issues and enables long-range bi-directional links.

The Live Link product line includes two systems:

Live and Live Plus


Sky Link


Sky Link Wireless HD connection enables extended range, high stability, and improved multi-system capabilities. Sky Link is designed to handle large and complex movie sets and video productions, enabling a stable link in dynamic situations such as car chases. The small and lightweight Sky Link transmits in zero delay up to a range of 1,000m/3,000ft.

The Sky Link product line includes two systems:
Sky Link and Extreme Link.

The Cinema Photography industry revolution


The cinematography industry has changed significantly over the last several years. The production setup has become more flexible and easier to establish. All officials on the set are wirelessly connected with real-time, zero delay connectivity between  high-quality cameras and monitors.

The film crew is using monitors to watch the scenes between camera capture and monitoring screens. The required delay is below 10 milliseconds, in order to keep the match between the set and what is captured by the camera.

In the past, SDI Cable connection between cameras and monitors were commonly used, but the large cables introduced some major issues:

    Long sprawling cables entangled with equipment costing time and money.

    The sets were difficult and costly to set up and dismantle.

    It was challenging to wire all the required screens.

What did Zero delay wireless link bring to the table?

A new technology by Amimon, patent protected, based on CONNEX technology, became the ultimate solution to transfer SDI and/or HDMI raw data over the air, with zero-delay (less than 1ms delay), with the same cable quality and covering a much greater range of up to 1000 meters (3000 feet).

The technology supports multi-screen connections, up to four receivers for each camera (transmitter), supporting multi-system operations. It is now possible to operate up to eight cameras simultaneously on the set, including audio, video and two-way control between the producer and the camera. The producer, photographer, first and second assistants, and the director all have their own monitors and can operate in different locations on the set. The photographer is free to move with his camera without a porter, saving time and money on preparations and dismantling of the sets.